The Commission’s primary responsibility is to promote understanding and observance of human rights in the Cayman Islands. Its mission is to lead in the promotion, protection and preservation of human rights in the Cayman Islands by:

  • promoting the integration of human rights values in everyday life;
  • encouraging government accountability against national and international human rights standards;
  • embracing the Cayman Islands Bill of Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities and the principles of democracy; and
  • empowering all persons to understand and exercise their rights.

The Commission aims to facilitate a variety of services for the furtherance of human rights awareness and understanding as outlined below.



The Commission endeavours to provide educational training via electronic or in-person informational sessions (where possible) through interactive presentations. In an effort to coordinate an educational session, requests must be submitted with a minimum of 2 weeks lead time for consideration and coordination.



To further promote human rights the Commission is keen to work and collaborate with non-profit organisations and community groups, businesses and other entities which advocate for human rights and denounce discrimination.  Collaborative initiatives may include:

  • Harnessing accessibility and enhancing awareness through digital resources such as profiles and links on the HRC website under the Local Resource page, and social media communication;
  • Collaborating and participating in events that help to promote and protect rights; and
  • Financial* and volunteer support
    • Contributions are decided at the discretion of the Commission. 
    • Support of organisations and or initiatives at the community level that promote human rights, diversity, equality and inclusion, are ideal prospective partners. 
    • Proof of non-profit organisation registration will be required, along with a brief written summary of the formal request and a budgetary note or, if to cover the cost of a service, an original estimate or invoice.
    • Financial* contributions will not be made payable to an individual. Submission of a request does not guarantee the Commission’s assistance as all requests are be subject to review.

*Please note that financial resources are limited and as such allocation of these resources will be in alignment with the annual objectives of the Commission’s strategic plan.


Research & Reports

The Commission shall, at its discretion, undertake research and produce reports on a wide range of thematic and topical human rights matters that affect the Cayman Islands. In order to conduct studies and produce reports, the Commissions Secretariat, which supports the Human Rights Commission, will assess the basis for the research and formulate a strategy.   Information is obtained through local, regional and international sources. Draft studies and reports are then presented to the Commission for discussion and revision.  Final reports and studies may be made publicly available via the Commission’s website.   


Investigation of Complaints

The Commission receives and investigates complaints where decisions or actions of a public official or government entity are thought to have breached or infringed the Bill of Rights, Freedoms or Responsibilities, or where local legislation is thought to violate human rights and freedoms. All complaints and enquiries should be directed to the Commissions Secretariat and not to individual Commission Members.  If you believe that your rights or freedoms have been violated, the Constitution has provisions to help in two ways: (1) you may make a complaint to the Commission who can investigate and assist through mediation or conciliation, or by making a recommendation; or (2) you may apply independently to the Grand Court, for a judgement concerning any alleged breach of your human rights under the Bill of Rights.  Please note that the Commission does not provide legal advice in any capacity and generally will not become involved in cases which are before the courts. For more information on complaints click here.


Consultation & Workforce Policy Guidance and Review

Human rights are to a great extent about a balance between rights, freedoms, and responsibilities; treating individuals fairly, with dignity and respect, while still safeguarding the rights of the wider community. The Commission therefore offers consultation on policy development and review to public entities in order to provide practical help for developing effective, impartial and inclusive policies which prevent human rights infringements.   The aim of this service offering is to develop and encourage an atmosphere of understanding, mutual respect and equality for all, so that every individual is treated with dignity while having equal rights and opportunities without discrimination. Whilst the Bill of Rights holds the Government to account, the service is also extended to the private sector on a case-by-case basis to further promote the integration of human rights values in the Cayman Islands community and everyday life.