The Human Rights Commission (“the Commission”) was established under section 116 of the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009 and comprises five members.
The Commission is a wholly independent body that is not subject to the direction or control of any person or authority. All members of the Commission are volunteers who are appointed by the Governor, after consulting with the Premier and Leader of the Opposition.
The Commission’s primary responsibility is to promote understanding and observance of human rights in the Cayman Islands. Its goals are promoting, protecting and preserving human rights. Our mission is to lead in promoting, protecting and preserving human rights in the Cayman Islands by:

  • promoting the integration of human rights values into everyday life;
  • encouraging government accountability to national and international human rights standards;
  • embracing the Cayman Islands Bill of Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities and the principles of democracy; and
  • empowering all persons to understand and exercise their rights.

The Commission has powers to accept and investigate public complaints regarding potential breaches of human rights, to provide a forum for mediation or conciliation, to give advice and guidance, and to publish reports on its own initiative on human rights issues.
The Commission does not provide legal advice in any capacity and generally does not get involved in cases which are before the courts.