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Cathy Gomez, JP,  MSc, MA

Cathy Gomez, JP, MSc, MA


Recently retired, Cathy Gomez was committed to fulltime work for 46 years. She served in the healthcare sector for more than thirty-one years (1974 – 2006) with extensive experience in medical laboratory technology and hospital administration. During this time, she also served for 20 years with the RCIPS as the police drug & alcohol analyst, prior to the opening of  the forensic lab.

During the past 15 years, Ms. Gomez has served as a Pastoral Counselor at Cayman Prep & High School (4 years) and HM Prison Services and qualified as a Canadian Certified Pastoral Counselor in 2008. Her listing of qualifications includes advanced studies in Health Services Administration, a Master of Science in Public Policy & Management and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling. She is a published author of the book ‘Coping with sudden job loss…experiences in the Cayman Islands’ (2010) and was a Columnist for Cayman Net News (2011-2013), writing 150 articles on job loss and the various spin-off effects.

Ms. Gomez served as adjunct faculty at UCCI, teaching Marriage and the Family (2010-2016). Other teaching experiences include leading Bible study groups and delivering programs while serving as Prison Chaplain for 8.5 years. While serving in this role, she has had great opportunities to visit various prisons in the US and the Caribbean and remains committed to the work of Prison Fellowship Cayman Islands.

Ms. Gomez has served as an Elder in her church and has been committed to the music ministry since childhood. She has been a guest speaker at various churches and organizations, currently serves as Board Chairman for Bethesda Counseling Center and is a Justice of the Peace.

Ms. Gomez was appointed as a Member of the Human Rights Commission on 1 September 2021 for a period of three years.