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14 December / 2017

Audio and Braille Formats of the Constitution Launched

Category: Press Release

Last week the Constitutional Commission, together with the Human Rights Commission, launched audio and braille formats of the Cayman Islands Constitution Order, 2009 (the “Constitution”) for persons with sight or literacy impairments in Cayman.  The project came about when a member of the public who is visually impaired approached the Commissions about accessing the Constitution; further research showed that there are around 788 persons in the Cayman Islands who are considered to have a “sight disability” (ESO, 2010).  The audio production marks the first official audio recording of any constitution in the Cayman Islands history, and, to the Commission’s knowledge, the publication in braille marks the first ever official production of a Cayman Islands Government document in braille.

 Click here to read the full press release of the launching of the audio and braille formats of the Constitution.

View photos from the event:

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Photo 1
Caption: Attorney General Samuel Bulgin inspects a braille copy of the Constitution
Photo by: GIS

Photo 2
Caption: Kim Voaden and Finita Ebanks receive a braille copy of the Constitution for the Sunrise Adult Training Centre from the Chairmen of the CC and HRC
(L-R: Vaughan Carter, Chairman of the Constitutional Commission; James Austin-Smith, Chairman of the Human Rights Commission; Kimberly Voaden, Director of the Sunrise Adult Training Centre; Finita Ebanks, Sunrise Adult Training Centre client)
Photo by: GIS

Photo 3
Caption: Janilee Clifford listens to her reading of section 109 of the Constitution
(L-R: Lise Hurlstone, Analyst/Administrator for the Commissions Secretariat; Janilee Clifford, audio constitution reader)
Photo by: GIS