Cayman AIDS Foundation

The Cayman AIDS Foundation (CAF) is a community based organisation which provides education on the danger of, helps prevent the spread of, and gives support and guidance to all people living with and affected by, HIV & AIDS and STIs.  CAF believes that all people have equal intrinsic worth; the spiritual nature of human beings must find positive expression in order for life to have meaning and purpose; each individual is ultimately responsible for his or her actions; each person has the right to be safe and healthy; the family is the primary vehicle/unit of moral values and health education; people need each other; and education is vital for the survival and progress of a society.


Colours Cayman

The   Colours Cayman Campaign is a grassroots movement that aims to foster a safe and comfortable social environment or the  LGBTQ+  (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and many others) community of the Cayman Islands by building a network of local businesses and public venues free of discrimination and harassment towards anyone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Members of the Colours Cayman Collective meet regularly to organise events and talk plans to promote visibility, provide education and encourage dialogue surrounding local LGBTQ+ issues.


National Council for Persons with Disabilities

The  National Council for Persons with Disabilities  advises the public and private sector on disability issues, and enforces provisions of the Solomon Webster Disability Law 2016.  The Council is made up of 15 volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. All members are either themselves disabled, and/or have a disabled family member, work with or are involved in the education and care of the disabled, or are associated with organisations or initiatives that benefit the disabled.

Cayman Islands Red Cross

The Cayman Islands Red Cross (CIRC) aims to protect human dignity by helping vulnerable people in crisis; their vision is to uphold the principle of humanity - to protect life and health and ensure respect for the human being.  The CIRC runs programmes on disaster management, preparedness and response; first aid, lifeguarding and water rescue; child protection and sexuality education; community outreach via the thrift shop; along with other special services for vulnerable persons and during emergencies. 


Youth Protection Directory

Each year the Human Rights Commission selects one or more key issues on which to focus its educational initiatives.  In 2018 the topic chosen is youth, in accordance with section 17 of the Bill of Rights (Protection of Children).    This has resulted in a resource guide, or directory, of local agencies, organisations and programmes which offer youth protection services or support – i.e. initiatives which provide safety (in food/shelter, health, or mental, physical and social well-being for example) and prevent harm, either in the short- or long-term, for youth.
Whilst this directory does not focus on activities or socialialisation groups targeted at youth, the HRC understands that these types of initatives can play an important role in the protection of youth.  The Cayman Resident website, as well as government's Youth Services Unit, both provide comprehensive listings of actitivies and socialisation groups relevant to youth.
This guide, compiled by the HRC and presented below in table format, is a work in progress and will be updated as information continues to be received by relevant organisations.  Continue to check back for updates!
Organisation Name Contact Number E-mail Address Description of Services Opening Hours Parental permission required? Confidentiality policy? Issues Focused On

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS)


Provides children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-on-one mentor relationships that change lives for the better, forever.

  No Yes

Bullying, Counselling/Mediation, Education Support, Employment Support, Family Support, Mentoring

National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)


Non-profit charitable organisation operating multiple social programmes, including a residential foster home for children in need of care and protection, and a pre-school (2yrs-4yrs) and nursery (4mo-2yrs) focusing on low-means families.   No Yes

Education Support, Family Support, Health, Housing, Personal Development

National Drug Council (NDC)


NDC was set up in 2003 to co-ordinate anti-drug measures in Cayman.  One of NDC's functions is to educate the public, particularly youth, on the dangers of drug abuse.  Their online resources provide facts on alcohol, tobacco, ganja, prescription drugs and cocaine.

Online No N/A

Health, Personal Development, Substance Abuse

ONE Cayman (YMCA)


This website is a network of resources and collaborative efforts aimed at strengthening the community.  Resources are available for children, parents and teachers, and focus on topics including bullying/violence prevention, character/life skills, health/wellness, substance abuse prevention, etc.

Online No N/A

Bullying, Educational Support, Employment Support, Family Support, Health, Mental Health Support, Personal Development, Sexual Abuse, Substance Abuse

TAYA Lounge


TAYA creates a safe environment where at-risk youth develop life skills and therapeutic concepts to establish healthy behaviors so they can build positive change for the future. TAYA is available for ages 14-21.

Tues-Fri, 3pm-8pm

If you are under 18 a parent or legal guardian will need to sign consent.


Bullying, Counselling/Mediation, Education Support, Emergency/Crisis, Employment Support, Family Support, Health, Mental Health Support, Mentoring, Personal Development, Sexual Abuse, Substance Abuse



This educational documentary is part of an effort to put the issue of child sexual abuse within the Cayman context. An “edu-mentary”, this video is part of an awareness and DVD tool aimed at giving adults in the community an audio/visual reference and more in-depth information on the issues.

Online No N/A

Family Support, Health, Mental Health Support, Sexual Abuse

Youth Service Providers Directory (Youth Services Unit)



This directory is a resource for youth, parents, guardians and other members of the public. It provides information on the availability of a number of youth programmes and summer activities across the Islands.  YSU is not responsible for the operation of any of these programmes.

Online No N/A

Counselling/Mediation, Education Support, Employment Support, Family Support, Mentoring, Personal Development, Substance Abuse