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Colours Cayman Petition To The European Parliament Declared Admissible

Category: Messages

The Human Rights Commission received a press release from the group "Colours Cayman" dated 8 November 2017 which detailed the declaration of admissibility by the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament of a petition to, in summary, support the rights of LGBTI Caymanians, especially with respect to the equal application of the law in relation to LGBTI non-Caymanians.

The Commission considers that its views on this topic have been made clear in the past and they remain unchanged: it agrees that Cayman must take steps to amend its laws to remove the discrimination that the press release highlights.

The Commission therefore acknowledged receipt of the press release and continues to monitor the progress of the petition.  Furthermore the Commission agreed to post the Colours Cayman press release on its website.

Click here to view the   Colours Cayman press release.