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24 September / 2019

Appointments to Commissions

Category: Press Release

His Excellency the Governor, Martyn Roper, OBE is pleased to announce various appointments to the Anti-Corruption Commission, Civil Service Appeals Commission, Human Rights Commission, and the Judicial and Legal Service Commission.

Members Sophia Harris and Kadi Pentney have been re-appointed to the Anti-Corruption Commission for a further three years, following the expiration of their initial appointment on 15 August 2019. Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Pentney serve on the Anti-Corruption Commission under the Chairmanship of Richard Coles and along with Members Tim Ridley and Kenrick Hall.

Huw Moses, OBE has been appointed as Chairman of the Civil Service Appeals Commission effective 4 March 2019 for a three year term. Kimbert Solomon and Jennifer Skinner were appointed Members of the Civil Service Appeals Commission,
each for a three year term, effective 16 and 20 September 2019 respectively. They join existing Members Stacey Vandevelde, Vicki Hulse, and Shomari Scott.

Dale Crowley has been appointed Chairman of the Human Rights Commission effective18 September for a three year term. He joins existing Members Reverend Yvette NobleBloomfield, Joni Kirkconnell, and Dorothy Scott.

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